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tv   Full Court Press  Current  July 6, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> what do you say? good morning, everybody. great to see you this friday morning. it is friday july 6th. and this is the full court press. welcome to your new progressive morning show here on current tv. so good to see all of you this morning. boy, here is one of the big stories. i have to tell you. it is hot, hot, hot. it's too damn hot. five days in a row of over 100 degrees until washington, d.c. and chicago and other cities across the land. fifty-six % of the country is in
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drought conditions but only one do te 6% of t.v. news stories about this hot weather have mentioned global warming. the media is not doing its job. we'll talk about that and a whole lot more here on this morning's full-court press. but first, we get the latest. let's go out to los angeles and say good morning again to jacki schechner for today's current news update. good morning, jacki. >> good morning, bill. your word is weather. ours is jobs. the jobs news is coming out today. it's going to forecast what the political messaging is going to be for the next coming month. president obama is on the second day of a two-day buck tour through ohio and pennsylvania. he will speak on the jobs report at his second stop in poland ohio. you are seeing video from yesterday's stop in ohio. economists expect can to show ballpark 95,000 jobs but not enough to move the unemployment
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rate from 8 to do 2%. the president heads to pittsburgh where he will give a speech at carnegie melon. he will sign the bill that just passed congress that deals with transportation and student loans. this will stop student loan interest rates from doubling july 1st. it's the bill that's going to invest money in repairing our nation's infrastructure, our roads and our bridges. for his part militarimit is still -- mitt romner is still on vacation but his campaign with the romney victory fund raised $100 million in june. this is the second record-breaking fundraising month for his campaign. the obama numbers are not out. as soon as they are we will get them to you. romney on the money front doing well but not on messaging. a scathing op-ed hesaying he squandered historic opportunity having trouble connecting with
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conservatives. there are reports he is going to be beefing up his communications team but not moving his inner core of advisors. back after the break. join us. it is the defining issue of this era. the candidate with the most money, does win. this is a national crisis. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at
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of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
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it's like chicken and crunchy stuff got married! i only use french's french fried onions on my crunchy onion chicken
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because it's america's number one brand. just minutes to make, then bake! [ ♪ theme ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv. this is the bill press show. >> hey how about a 3,000 peak records broken in st. louis, 100 degrees or hotter. i want to start a new political party, the too damn hot political party. good morning, everybody. what do you say? it is friday. ♪ hallelujah ♪
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>> friday, july 6th, our favorite day around the full-court press. friday, friday, friday ♪ hallelujah yaw". >> kind of like two fridays. we didn't work on wednesday. then we had thursday and now friday, but this is the real thing. the real deal. and we go into the weekend where it's expected to be a record 102, 103 or higher in washington d.c. there is no relief other than the and there are 500,000 people who don't have power after the incredibly poor performance of utilities. wherever you happen to be, it's good to see you. thank you for joining us on the full-court press. it's your new progressive morning show on current tv on your local progressive talk radio station and this hour only on sirius xm. some day sirius will get smart and broadcast all three hours.
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good to see you today. we will tell you what's happening here in our nation's capitol, around the country, around the globe. we will take your calls at 866-55-press. we will say hello to our team, team, team team press. peter ogburn dan henning. good morning guys. >> hi, there. >> talk about the heat. the weather. >> cyprian, cyprian bowelding, our videographer. >> it's a bad sign because today, hazy and unpleasant with a high of 101 tomorrow, the forecast is oppressive. >> yeah. >> still sweety 99 to 106 degrees in washington. >> that's what they are predicting. >> this is ridiculous. who was the guy that started that, you know, it's too --
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rent's too damn hot. >> jimmy williams. >> too damn hot. >> it's too damn hot. jimmy, where are you when we need you? president obama was smart. he got out of town man. he said, shoot. i am taking the bus, going to ohio, pennsylvania starts in ohio yesterday. he had a good time went to kinky's for lunch. went to ziggy's for a beer, got bought some corn bought some peaches, stopped at an ice cream stand. he loves this stuff, rail politic. he is good at it. a big contrast between mitt romney on the road and barack obama on the road. and there is no doubt about which one people, i think, would rather have a beer with. here is obama in parma, ohio after just leaving ziggy's and downing a bud light. >> i had a beer in amherst at ziggy's so i am feeling good feeling steady.
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>> man, yeah t at the was buying ice cream for everybody was had a good time. we are going to have a good time today. major garrett from the national journal will be along here. >> major is having a beer right now. >> is he. >> he is feeling steady. >> going to talk to avery friedman, our legal expert about what's up with george zimmerman and jen pasaki campaign spokesperson will join us from the obama bus. and should a man who has two artificial legs be allowed to compete with your average human being in the olympics? it's going to happen. we will talk about that. but first: >> this is the full court press. >> on friday, other headlines making news, nbc is having a rough go at it lately with the ann currey signatures and a new rumor popped up that the peacock
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network was getting ready to fire david gregory as host of meet the press. abc was quick to squash that saying it was a rumor being recklessly reported and cat gore categorically untrue. meet the press has stopped had a problem. it's a strong ratings proposition. >> i absolutely believe it. >> who would they replace him with? >> i don't know. >> try to lure jay tapper away. >> abc. hum. okay. >> jeremy lin is reportedly leaving the knicks for the rockets. he has verbally agreed to sign a four year near $40 million deal, not set in stone yet as the knicks have said they want to keep him and they will have three days to match the offer once he is signed on the dotted line. >> all right. i have to ask you: where is freddy's lobster place?
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>> freddie's lobster place, it's best lobster place south of maine. it is an absolutely amazing restaurant. incredible lobster rolls. it's so good. >> boy, i hope you get a freaking lobster for dinner after that. jesus. >> i was just looking. >> we are going to have to start charting 4 our tee shirts? >> product placement. >> product placement. what are you wearing? >> myo bay propaganda shirt. >> i don't know what that means? >> they have the best lobster rolls south of maine. i am kidding. i am kidding. >> in california restaurant you're eurs are defying the frasface g grau, the fransan francisco offered
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a 6-course frau you menu. they say they can lock him you want if they want but he doesn't mind. >> i am telling you. don't take away my fois grau. >> if you want mine you will have to fry it up. out of my cold dead fingers. guys, let's talk this morning. after dinner last night with a couple of good friends at my favorite little hang out. shoot. since everybody is giving a plug. >> plug away buddy. >> i will plug the palm. >> free-plug friday. >> one of my favorite joints in d.c. and what did we talk about? we didn't talk politics? hell, know. a little bit, yeah but the bladerunner and a little bit yesterday on the show. you know the story. this guy auscer pestorius, it's from south africa. he is a double am pew amputee.
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he didn't lose his legs in combat or iraq. he was born disabled. he was born without fibula in either leg. and before he was a year old, the doctors said, you know what? he is not going to be able to walk with these legs. never, never, never. and it would be better if he were amputated right now as an infant and fitted so when he starts to walk he starts to walk on artificial legs and his parents made that tough decision, and they did. so this kid has been dealing with this handicap since he was -- right shortly after he was born. he learned to walk on prosthetic legs and learned to compete in sports. he is damn good at it. particularly in track, he has won a lot of races won a lot of competition. and he now has been chosen passed the test failed once passed again top -- he will
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represent south africa in the london 2012 olympics in the 40 ohm meter race. he is also, you know, so everybody says, all right. you are talking about the para olympics olympics. no, i am not. no. he will compete in the para olympics but he will also compete in the real olympics in the 40 ohm meter race against people who have two human legs. and these, you know, they call them, it's flex -- yeah, flex-food -- blade runner has become his nickname but the flex foot cheat a. i would like to know your reaction about this whether you think he ought to be able to compete. at one time, he was banned, there was a ruling saying no, no no, artificial limbs, you cannot compete in the real olympics, if you will. but that ruling was overruled. now, he is allowed and he is going to compete. now, when i first heard this
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story, i thought well, that's unfair to him because they arere are gob to go people with like two legs running against a guy with no legs. right? it's sort of like running against a guy on crutches or running against a guy who is in a wheelchair. but the more we talked about it and the more i thought about it and talked to others about it, last night at dinner, you know, no. really, i think it's the other way around. it's unfair to the who the have got two legs they have to drag around and get around that track because, think about it, everything that can go wrong with two legs can go wrong -- canted go wrong with these steel legs, if you, you will. he can't get a sprained ankle. he can't get a cramp. right? which is what happens a lot to human runners. so is this the a, you know can a step too far in terms of, you know, you salute people like
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this. i mean god, you really do. you see these people particularly wounded comeing back from iraq and afghanistan and the things they are able to do with artificial legs, it's just astounding to pick up their lives and go on with their lives. so you reach out to them. you salute them. you applaud them. but in this case will this guy have an unfair advantage over an inhuman inhuman advantage, if you will over regular human beings? 866-55-press. let's talk about it. 866-557-7377. oscar pestoriusu. should the e lick pim committee allow him to compete in 2012? i guess the other question is. what if you have a guy like in the shot put who has a mechanic al armlgire arm.
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am i being too harsh on this guy? i feel like i am beating up on someone who is handicapped. >> that's what makes me uncomfortable about it. >> you know look. >> my natural inclination as a bleeding-heart liberal is to say look at this guy. he left both of his legs. how wonderful that he can, you know, run. and so how wonderful. let him come peal pete. >> he has risen above a major setback in his life. okay? the fact that is he is walking at all. >> yeah. >> i think is spectacular. but, it's like you said runners, especially on the olympic level deal with things like shin splints and taking care of their legs so that they don't overdo it. when we had the story a couple of weeks ago about the dead heat in the race, one of the factors was they couldn't just have a rerace because of the way they schedule or the way that they train, they can't just run another race because there is a chance of injury to their legs. not only that but then when you
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don't have any legs, you don't have that factor any more. so, you know, to say that -- >> it just seems to me that -- look. i made up my mind on this. right? i really do think he should not be allowed to compete. but i still feel guilty about siding against a guy siding against a guy with no legs in favor of somebody with two legs. help me out. 866-55-press is the toll-free number should oscar pestorius be allowed to complete? bladerunner. watch out here he comes. >> this is the billfull court press, the bill press show live on your radio and on current tv. [ music ] is bad. what else does vc billionaire vinod khosla think?
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instream media. >>overwhelming majority of the
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county says: "tax the rich don't go to war." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] is museum >> on your radio, on t.v. the bill press show, new on current tv. >> hey, the president has got a very busy schedule today. it's a combination of bus tour campaigning, and official public
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events and then kickback. starts off the day 9:40 this morning, touring the summer garden food manufacturing plant out in boardman ohio. then he will do a couple of campaign events at the dobbins elementary school in poland ohio. and then a can eg e melon university in pittsburgh, flies back to andrews air force base this afternoon, arriving back at the whitehouse at 4:25, where he will sign that important transportation bill, the highway bill, finally, pass the house and the senate last week. the president will sign that at the whitehouse at 4:45 this afternoon and then at 6:00 o'clock, he hops on marcheen 1 and heads over to camp david for the weekend joining his family who stayed at camp david this entire july 4th week. another good weekend for the president. >> this is the bill press show.
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>> the records brokeb broken in the last week alone, over 500 days of 100 plus degrees now in washington, d.c., in chicago, in st. louis, detroit, and other cities around the country. oh, my god 56% of the country
4:57 am
in drought conditions, crops are burning up. get this only 1.6%, 1.6% of all t.v. coverage of the heat wave mentions anything about global warming. what's going on? they are not doing their job. but she is always on the job. we are talking about jacki schechner, of course, out in los angeles. we turn to her for the latest and today's current news update. good morning, jacki. >> good morning, bill. hi everyone. we are expecting the news jobs numbers out this hour. you know whatever they are, the republicans, especially mitt romney are going to jump all over the president for not doing enough to spur the economy. experts say that we are expecting 95,000 or so jobs to have an addbeen added last month which is higher than may but not enough to move the unemployment rate from 8.2%. back in 2006 when mitt romney was governor of massachusetts, he faced a similar issue, trying to et good the state economy turned around. well, lucky for us the progressive pac found this video
4:58 am
of romney talking back in 2006, explaining how these things take time. >> i came in and the jobs had been falling off of a cliff. i came in and they kept falling for 11 months and then we turned around and we are coming back. >> that's progress. if you are going to suggest to me that somehow the day i get elected, that would be silly. >> what are the chances he is going to have that same message of patience today. he points out that he alone, cannot make the economy better. icited not entirely within his control. the international factors play a role. also the responsibility of the private sector and, get this, the government. and the house rules committee says that on monday, it's going to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of repealing healthcare reform. house republicans plan to vote wednesday and the panel has got to have the text of the bill. i gave it a read. it's as absurd as you think it might be. no worries.
4:59 am
this isn't going to get any farth earn a house vote. back with more news at the top of the hour. stay with us. more bill press after the break. >>we talk a lot about the influence of money in politics. it is the defining issue of this era. the candidate with the most money, does win. this is a national crisis. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at
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just minutes to make, then bake! [ ♪ theme ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> prevaliteing across the nation, on your radio and on current tv. this is the bill press show. broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv. this is the bill press show. >> it's too damn hot. >> that's the word for the day. yeah, indeed. 3,000 temperature records broken in the last week alone. i am going to start a new political party, the too damn hot party. good morning, everybody. it's the full court press here on current tv. good to see you today on a beautiful friday morning, july 6th other than it's too hot, nice day. hope you are off to a good start, and thank you for starting off with us here on the full-court press.
5:03 am
good to have you with us and we look forward to taking your calls at 866-55-press. i am very happy to welcome back into the studio a good friend of the program, covers the white house for bloomberg news margaret tollef. how are you. >> great. wearing black colton cotton with long sleeves to celebrate the heat. reporters don't always think things true. >> are we -- the question everybody asks from washington: do you have power? >> we do finally. it was several days. >> you lost power? >> yeah. i lost it for four days. >> oh. >> gross. >> did you have to clean out the refrigerator? cyprian did, too. cyprian bowelding >> wouldn't your kids eat it.
5:04 am
>> we went into full panic mode when it we want out. >> a lot of people said that. they lost their power. >> they are just messing with us. >> sometimes they have to discorrect grids. >> you are an apologist? >> i would freak right on out if that happened. i would burn the house down if. >> what can i burn the house down with? i couldn't turn the stove on. >> i'm sorry i asked. >> everything is okay now. >> that's good. peter ogburn dan henning and cyprian bowlding. he had to empty his refrigerator. >> you let it go two days and now, it's just gross. >> chicken, that kind of -- no. don't take a chance. indeed. all right. so there you have it. we told you it's tough. tough here in washington, d.c. and president obama, it was so
5:05 am
tough, i am getting the hell out of town. >> going to ohio in the middle of the summer. >> ohio, pennsylvania and ohio yesterday and not only he was talking about some of the issues. we will talk with margaret about but he of course as he always done on the road, always the unscheduled stops. one yesterday was at a place called ziggy's for beer. he enjoyed it apparently. >> i had a beer in amherst at ziggy's so i am feeling good. feeling stead. >> feeling steady. he had a bud light. i want you to know. michelle said if you are going to have a beer, at least have a bud light. >> an american beer or something that resembles an american beer. >> it's a unionized american beer. >> there you go. >> anheuser. >> moorth tollef with us. we are at the half hour going to be talking with joe rome from
5:06 am
the scepter for american progress about this heat and what's behind it and could it have any connection, maybe to global warming but first. >> this is the full court press. >> the lobster shack. >> i wore a tee shirt. >> free lobsters. give me free lobsters. >> what we discovered this morning is there is money in them there tee shirts. >> if you come to maryland. >> get lobster. >> we are going to start having to figure out what tee shirts we wear and who we can charge for them. >> nbc has been having a tough go at it lately with the ann currey situation and a new rumor reported by the daily for the peacock network getting ready to fire david gregory as host of meet the press. the pr folks were quick to squash that gossip item saying it was a rumor being recklessly reported and is untrue. meet the press has struggled in the ratings games losing points
5:07 am
to cbs's face the nation. >> extended itto an how much time are you available, margaret? >> yeah. >> nbc is having some problems with the way that they are handling their firings. you know, remember how they did the conan o'brien, jay leno thing and the ann currey situation and now this. >> the state department had fun on the fourth of july this week. they wanted to see who outside of the united states made the best apple pie. the hill reports the department held a party for all of the embassies in washington this week with an apple pie baking contest. the only rule was you had to use apples and be creative. judges included the owner of a dc pie shop. >> that doesn't make sense for apple pie. >> have to be raw appear ems. >> critics from the washington post were there and the under secretary of state patrick kennedy. they found the best came from the kingdom of belgian.
5:08 am
no. 2, the united kingdom and number 3, hungary. >> belgian?% okay. >> belgian restaurant down the street here, belga. plug. plug away. >> tee shirt. >> the secret to the hungarian apple pie is fresh horse meat. really delicious. >> and serena williams awed vancing to the wimbledon final did it with a bang. she had a tournament record of 28 serves against azaranka including the final point to seal the deal and is in her 7th final tomorrow morning. she has won four times at wimbledon. >> did you see the line coach who got hit by the ball, like 120 miles an hour? >> that will hurt. >> yeah. it sure did. >> man. bouncing and whacked her right in the eye. she called it a ball.
5:09 am
>> when you hit the line coach, it's a fault. thank you, dan. margaret, good to see you. now that we know that your power is back. let's start with president obama on the road yesterday. he talked about jobs. he announced a new tariff against china. he also talked about healthcare. and it was in his first stop in malmy ohio that struck a defiant tone, i think. here he is. >> i will work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our healthcare system and our hollywooding laws, but the law i pass is here to stay . >> the law i passed is here to stay was basically saying don't even think about repealing it. >> it's really interesting because up until the supreme court decision and even within the first couple of days
5:10 am
afterwards he was really carefully not to kind of go there. there. he wanted to stick to the economy message and this is about the auto industry and middle class and the economy but now he has an opportunity, a window to do two things: number 1 is to redefine what the affordable care act means because messaging has been a real problem. >> most americans still don't it. >> so when you listen to what he is saying he is not saying it's here to stay although that's an important political position to take for him but to point out the parts he wants to sell people on, the idea if you are sick, you are not going to lose your sick, if you are young, you are not going to get kicked off of your patient's rolls unless the other guys force the repeal of this thing. it's interesting because with romney and i am sure we will talk about the tax thing, there is this whole other average that obama can go down, but he is sort of prodding it. he is not sure he wants to go there. he doesn't really want to get in a fight with croons about who is taxing who. republicans about
5:11 am
who is taxing who. >> the central message for the republicans has been i mean, yes, the tax thing. we will talk about that. i promise you. i want to. has been repeal repeal. repeal. i mean john boehner says the supreme court doesn't repeal it, we will. they have scheduled a vote for next week. i think it's the 11th of july. >> yeah. >> mitch mcconnell, we are going to repeal and start from scratch. romney said on day 1 action i am going to repeal it. the president is almost like basically calling their bluff and saying you are not. he is in the white house. >> but he is trying to get the american consciousness around the idea that this is part of the fabric of society. >> they said the same thing with social security, with frank lin repulsed, there were people saying we are not going to do this. >> it only makes sense from a long-view perspective for him to begin reinforcing that this is, you know, now the law of the
5:12 am
land. >> right. so on the tax thing, i mean whether it's a tax or penalty, it seems to me the issue has become more how mitt romney handled it. you know, when "the wall street journal" -- i am sure you saw this yesterday came out, after rom anything else had said no. it's a tax. he told cbs news. don't listen to eric burnstrom who said it was a penalty not a tax, his chief advisor. he said, it's a tax. i would thinking the wall streeted 1yu7b8d wol say good now, mitt. you are on, you know, you got the talking points right now. you are finally, on message. instead, they said that the romney campaign, the way they handled this, looked confused in addition to being political dumb. wall street journal and they said romney promised republicans he was the best man to make the case against president obama. so far, mr. romney is letting them down. >> that's right. he is getting pummeled in edit
5:13 am
arm pages including conservative editorial pages. the question in terms of the race is: is this just sort of an inside washington or inside the ivy tower pummelling or something that's going to spill over. right now, what the romney campaign is hoping for is that in terms of the jep raleigh lectorate, they will still see him as being less in favor of taxation and obama regarding taxes. and that's the framing they are hoping they can pursue in the general election sense, it's early. it feels late because it's hot outside. it's early july. people typically don't fully engage until around labored or so. this is testing the water, getting your act together time. but there is mounting pressure inside the republican circles for romney to kind of circle the wagons and make the communications. >> a couple of weeks ago, and, look, we have been around enough campaigns and campaigns really
5:14 am
do go in cycles, but a couple of weeks ago, i mean john byson has his accident. right? the unemployment numbers were horrible. >> obama's dog, totally. >> it looked like the supreme court was going to overthrow healthcare. everybody was saying, this is the worst time for the obama campaign. right? and now he has sort of gotten his mojo back. >> that's pretty rough week, the last week for the romney campaign. >> it has the potential to be really define can and put the mitt romney in a box and the potential to maybe not completely resolve itself but settle. >> right. >> they are trying to figure out how to. it really is a problem. part. question is: does president obama want to stay focused purely on, you know, the economy and his accomplishments or campaign on healthcare? so far, president obama has not wanted to campaign on healthcare. it's like fine. it was better for us to, you know, win this than to lose it was their perspective. they had a pretty good outcome.
5:15 am
do they want to move on now or not. this tax versus penalty thing has given them the opportunity if they want to to argue mitt romney is a flip-flopper, inconsistent. to do that they have to have a debate about taxes. they are not sure they want to do it. >> just one more point on this "new york times" this morning, talking about if you want to know where romney stands on this, he is all over the place. he often often called the mandate a tax. they point out, he gave a speech as governor to the heritage foundation. right? said if people don't buy health insurance, they are going to lose their personal tax exemption. we will withhold their tax reverend. he called it a tax penalty a tax inceptive and he also called it a freerider surcharge and then he called it a penalty. he used every nature under the book. >> he was making the point that the obama administration is trying to make that most taxes,
5:16 am
you don't get a chance to way them or no time. in this case, whichever you call it. right, if you just sign up for coverage, you don't have to worry about it. >> by the way, i am al obama supporter. i am a xhiptator, not a report are like you. i think romney was right en masse. >> which time? >> with the healthcare plan. i think it was a good plan. i think he was right about the individual mandate and i think he was right if you can afford insurance and you don't buy it you are not going to be a freeloader. we are not going to let you get away with that. we are going to personalnalize you. why doesn't he stand up for that and brag about it. >> if repeal what they have been calling obamacare ask this rallying cry that the base wants to hear and something that he is, you know, committed to at this point, then it's difficult for him to square that with his record was and it's been political ly challenging. and he is trying to figure out how to do it. >> isn't that the point that
5:17 am
rick santorum and newt gingrich were making in the primary? >> sure. the focus on the primary is about this economy and not about healthcare. mitt romney, his party and supporters have affirmed they thinking he is the best position to go forward on that. >> right. >> the challenge is staying focused on that message and not getting droppedagged into others. >> which gets to bain capital. we will get to that when we get back from the break. mitt romney says i don't want to talk about when i did when i was governor. i want to talk about what i did in the private sector as a businessman and that experience was bain calpitalcapital. it's full-court press on friday, july 6th, in studio with us margaret talev white house correspond he want for bloomberg. we will be right back. >> radio meets television, the bill press show now on current tv.
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>> romney you can take it. >> a new ad we will play for you when we come back here with lynn sweet, chicago sun times methderr death shiner from row call and bill cress part full-court press. you are welcome to join our conversation at 866-55-press. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
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>> this is the full court press, the bill press show, live on your radio and on current tv. >> twenty-six minutes after the hour, joe rome joining us in the next segment to talk about this extreme temperatures that are being recorded. we are experiencing all the way across the country. right now, we are talking political campaign 2012, the latest from the mitt romney and the barack obama campaigns with margaret talev, who covers the white house for bloomberg and you can follow her sat
5:22 am is that it? or follow her on twitter at margaret talev, talev-a-l-e-vt-a-l-e-v. >> that's it. >> margaret, the jobs numbers coming out in maybe four minutes from now. >> right. >> three minutes from now. what do you know? what do we expect? what's it all mean? >> the analyst predictions are it's going to stay about the same, about 8.2%. so it's, you know, does the great news? no. is it terrible news? no? does it matter between what happens now and the end of the summer in terms of the country but the president's prospects rise and fall to some extent. >> right. hopefully it ticks down. >> there is some debate. this is not about the good of the people. this is about the good of the president bur some debate about what pace is best for him and, you know, at what point are voters minds locked in about can where things are going.
5:23 am
>> if he can get it under 8%. cory booker telling the president get away from bain capital. this isn't fair. campaign has continued to talk about bain capital. >> is a reason. isn't there? it seems to be a message that is resonating? president obama be. >> thirty seconds? >> what he is trying to do is make a distinction between the middle class and wealthy people. right? and the preliminary polling in certain key swing states have shown that the more he talks about it perhaps it is starting to have a negative effect on mitt romney's campaign. as long as they think it's working, they will do it. >> it reinforces that position of mitt romney up here and not caring about the people up here. >> not being in touch. >> and whether it was outsourcing or offshoring. >> right. >> either way. all right. so much to cover, so little time. but made good use of it. thanks for coming in today. thanks, margaret. good to see you. have a good weekend. >> thanks. >> this is the bill press show.
5:24 am
[ music ] >>we talk a lot about the influence of money in politics.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> radio meets television, the bill press show, now on current tv. >> thirty three minutes after the hour the full court press here on current tv and your local proggive talk radio station brought to you by the labor laborer's union under president terri o'sullivan building a better america the website, check is it out, liuna buildings american liuna. speaking of jobs, breaking news, the numbers are out. the job numbers for the month of june 80,000, 8-0.
5:29 am
not 800. 80,000 new jobs, private sector jobs created in june. >> that's on the positive side. ledger but less than we need certainly and less than most analysts presignature and less than we saw in the month of may. the unemployment rate stateses same as margaret talev predicted at 8.2%. neither up nor down. steady as she goes is probably the best you can say for that. on monday hilda -- labor secretary, hilda solis will be in studio with us to talk more about those numbers, also, word from the campaign trail that president obama has -- this was not on the schedule the fun of the bus trip the first stop was at ann's place in akron, ohio.
5:30 am
you know, peter, we have been to mike's place a couple of times. >> yeah. >> we have never been to ann place in akron ohio. the president stopped there this morning. so you know, he had two eggs over medium with bacon and wheat toast and the wait res said would you like grits and he said you betcha. >> i like the grits order. as a southerner, i endorse the grits order. >> there he is off to a rock and roll start there in akron, ohio. we are no matter where, we are in this country trying to deal with extreme temperatures we are experiencing, girding ourselves here in washington d.c. for 1 and it may be up to 106 predicted tomorrow. joe rome is the climate progress editor at the scepter for american progress and a good friend of the program joining us on the news line this morning. hi, joe, good morning. >> hi, bill.
5:31 am
>> so subject the numbers ted you live the numbers, 3,000 temperatures records broken in the last week alone. many parties of the country having 4, 5, 6, 7 days in a row of 100 degrees or more. what's going on? >> if only scientists had warned us something like this might happen. >> this is what global warming looks like. obviously, as the average temperatures rises because we keep pouring billions of tons of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, the heat waves are going to be on top of that rising average and they are just going to get more intense and more severe and that's what we are seeing. this is, you know, we had the most extraordinarily heat wave in u.s. history in march. >>. >> uh-huh. >> we had a winter that was basically not a winter. people don't mind when the winter is a bit warmer but when
5:32 am
you pile this heat on in the middle of the summer, you will see dangerous heat wave conditions and with heat, you get drying and that leads to wildfires. we are having, you know, wild -- the worst wildfire season in colorado history. this is what climate scientist said would happen. >> it leads to drought. i saw a report yesterday, 56% of the country in drought conditions. what is the impact on that on crops and the economy, joe? >> absolutely. a pretty basic prediction is when you heat things up, dry areas are going to -- the soil is going to dry out sent the two-% of the lands is dry or in drought conditions. >> whoa. whoa. >> this is a second feature that global warming impacted which
5:33 am
was the snowfall, the snow coverage in the rockies is among the lowest it's ever been. we had very little snow because it was a mild winter and because of global warming, the snow melts earlier. many parts of the can't tree get moisture from snow military melt and streams. when there are forests, you will see wildfires. in an area where there are crops, you will dry them up. i am sure people who have been watching the evening news have seen what's been going on places like kansas where the corn they had been expecting a bumper crop of corn but now it's the next two weeks are going to be critical. if there is not much rain this is going to be, you know, a devastatingly low yield this year. >> follow that report and read more about that report on these drought conditions at climate
5:34 am
progress, all one word, joe rome is the climate progress editor for the scepter of american pressing here on the news line this morning. i heard another report last night, joe that 2010 was like the hottest year in recorded history followed by and topped by '11. it looks like 2012 is going to be the new -- the new record. right? >> well, you know, we had a very cool start to this year, you know. if i can -- >> after march, i guess. >> you know, after march. >> yeah. no question this is the warmest the u.s. has been. other parts of the world have been cooler. there is la nina and el nino. we have been in la nina. it appears like we are about to enter an el nino.
5:35 am
>> that's typically something that juices up the warming of the planet a little bit. so there is an expectation, yes, that the rest of this year is just going to get warmer globally and my guess is that next year will probably be the hottest year on record. >> so what i hear you saying joe, is that there is no doubted. right? not just in your mind. no doubt, period, that what we are experiencing is related to -- is a manifestation of global warming? correct? >> yeah. absolutely. i think the co i know thises. it's important to not say global warming caused this heat wave. we had heat waves before global warming. what global warming does, it's like a baseball player on steroids. it just makes every homerun longer and it means more total, you know 70 home runs in one season so we have an atmosphere
5:36 am
that has been juiced by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases so it makes every heat wave more intention and storms more intention. >> i was going to ask you about that. the fact we have seen more tornados and more destruck i have tornados, for example? >> well the most direct link is that as you warm up the occasions, you put more water vapor into the patmosphere. there is about 4% more water vap or in the atmosphere now than a few decades ago. that may not sound like a lot bur these big storms that are hundreds of miles in size, they sweep that water in. it coaches down in deluaus. we have seen staggering deluges, hurricane irene, for exampleinstance
5:37 am
irene got florida got soaked with this tropical storm that dropped like two feet of water in one day. you are futting putting more energy in the system and that will result in more intense thunderstorms. there is a bit more debate on topics. you get an earlier start to the tornado season joe rome climate progress editor at i was looking at media matters, their sight. they did a survey of news coverage of it this latest heat waiver, whatever you call it we are experience can. so in the last weeks, among all -- you probably saw this number, but among all print
5:38 am
stories only 6% made any mention of global warming and on the t.v., side 1.6 of t.v. coverage mentioned any possible connection to global warming. the media is not doing its job. >> you know as well as anyone since you are in the media business, the media has corporate ties has fired specialty reporters, science and environment reporters. so all of these stories are being done by a general utility reporters so they don't it other than a human interest story but in the case of wildfires, if you were to talk to most wildfire experts, they would say when it's hotter because of global warming and dryer because of global warming and you have the
5:39 am
loss of your snow cover you are setting up kindling for wildfires. there is a direct link' although i work for the center for american progress, we have to point a finger at our political leadership. if the president or -- would allow -- if he would talk about it or allow his cabinet to talk about it more, then obviously it would get more attention. but we have the deafening silence. >> absolutelied. joe, thank you so much for your excellent work, your pioneer work in this area. you certainly not -- and i don't know. you put the facts out there. we pressure that. joe, good to talk to you as always, joe romm, climate progress. when are we going to get serious about global warming? when is congress going to get
5:40 am
serious about it? damn right, president obama ought to talk more about it. >> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. this week, failing is good and wall street is bad. what else does vc billionaire vinod khosla think?
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5:42 am
we have a big, big hour and the i.q. will go way up. how are you ever going to solve the problem if you don't look at all of the pieces? >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >>you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and above all, politically direct. >>you just think there is no low they won't go to. oh, no. if al gore's watching today...
5:43 am
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> this is the bill press show live and on current tv. >> you may have the weekend off. i don't. i will be flying my book on firedog lake between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. east coast time. join the conversation talking about the koch brothers and the
5:44 am
hate campaign against president obama. you can find it at fdl for firedog lake. and it's friday. i think it's friday. >> yeah. >> seems like the second friday of this week. on this friday, we do what we do and take a look at some of the favorite sound bytes of the week and bring you our top five favorites. clips of the week, we start at the bottom and work to the top. bill o'reilly we know he is an idiot. we have known that for a long time. he finally, admitted it this week. he is an idiot. number 5. >> i am not really sorry, but i am a man of my word. so i apologize for not fact orring the john roberts situation. i never thought the chief joyful justice would go beyond the commerce clause. i may be an idiot for not considering that. >> he said i may be an idiot. not quite declaring he is an he
5:45 am
had idiot. moving right long president obama started the day as ann place at akron, honey, two eggs with -- two eggs over medium with wheat toast and bacon. one report says hash browns, too. >> wow. >> grits. >> grits. >> he ended the day yesterday a beer. >> number 4. >> i had a beer in amherst at zip ziggy's, so i am feeling good. feeling steady. >> feeling steady. all right. another horse's ass for today by the way, we told you about one earlier, is allen west down in florida running in a new congressional district up in northern florida and yet he went up there and meeting voters for the first time and he said here is what obama thinks about you. >> number 3. >> he does not want you to have self self-esteem self-esteem, of getting up and
5:46 am
having that title of american. he would rather you be his slave. >> yeah. obama wants us to be his slave. and by the way the republican national chairman reince prebus said he would not criticize allen west for saying something like that. he is an american. he has the right to say what he thinks. he is a republican, member of congress. imagine if a democrat had said something like this, republicans would be demanding he be thrown outed of the congress. well, some of you may work with a trainer. some of you may be can afford a trainer. all i can say is the last person i would think of when it comes to having a physical trainer and working out with that trainer almost every day, the last person i would think of would be governor chris christie of new jersey. but i would be wrong. >> number 2. >> i work out with a trainer now four days a week. so i am exercising a lot more than i did five years ago.
5:47 am
i am trying to eat better. it's difficult with the food around and grabbing things on the go biut i am trying to eat better. >> when he says running around he didn't literally running around. he doesn't run anyway. >> peter, can you get me the name of his trainer? i think i would like to work on that. >> the trainer went into hiding. >> i would like to work out with that trainer too. finally, here is another horse's ass, joe walsh out in illinois running against tammy duckworth who lost both of her limbs as a member of our military when the helicopter she was piloting crashed in iraq and joe walsh is complaining saying tammy, all she does it talk about her injuries. >> number 1. >> understand something about john mccain. his political advisors day after day had to take him and almost throw him against the wall and hit him against the head and say, senator, you have to let
5:48 am
people know you have served. you have to talk about what you did. he did not want to do it wouldn't do it. day after day, they had to convince him. and finally, he talked a little bit about it but it was very uncomfortable for him. >> that's what's so noble about our heroes. now, i am running against a woman who, my god, that's all she talks about. our true heros, the men and women who served, it's the last thing in the world they talk about. >> that's why we are so indebted and involved. >> how dare -- how dare he attack tamy duckworth. i want to point out, joe walsh never served a day in the military in his entire life. i will be back with a quick parting shot. >> this is the bill press show.
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>> >> the parting shot, with bill press, this is the bill press show. >> all right. and on this friday june 6th -- july 6th, my parting shot for today, before you head off into the weekend, check out my latest column at and in that column, i make a point that -- which is too often lost in the commentary about the supreme court ruling on healthcare. it's true that several questions about that ruling remain, like what does it say about states that are going to refuse to extend medicaid. what does it say about the commerce clause? but there is one thing about which we -- we can have no doubt at all, it's a point i make in
5:52 am
my column, and that is that obamacare is here to stay. it's not going anywhere. for one thing, the supreme court ruling gives healthcare a legitimacy it never had before and for another thing, the more people that take advantage of provisions in the affordable care act the more people like it and the most important provisions don't kick in until 2014. i don't care what john boehner mitt romney, mitch mcconnell say. i say it in my column obamacare is here to stay. and any effort to repeal it will fail. again, check out the column on on monday, hilda solis, secretary of labor will be with us in studio. on tuesday congressman barney frank and congressman jim moran. a lot to look forward to next week. have a great weekend everybody. stay cool. see you here on monday. >> this is the bill press show.
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